About Gilda GraceA place designed for you and the women closest to your heart. At Gilda Grace each floor surrenders to an intimate collection of luxury finds, leading to a garden property where friends gather to make memories.


Gilda Grace is a fashionable woman's closet for every budget. We feature an array of styles for discerning tastes and moods. From casual to formal, relaxed to stiff, practical to impossible- we are constantly updating our merchandise, to keep you in style. Our fashion stylists are available to cater to all of your personal shopping needs- ready to give advice, style an outfit, or to help you choose the perfect gift. We currently carry fashion and accessories from:


P.S. Peter Soronen    
Rebecca Ray
R & Y Augousti        
Susanna Galanais

Jerome Rousseau 
Amanda Pearl
Nellie Partow

Mike Gonzalez    
By Malene Birger
Harvey Faircloth  
Bendetta Novi  


Gilda Grace is also a lifestyle store, where customers can find something to complete almost every facet of their home; be it chocolates from Maison Bouche or leather pillows from Beirn. Our main floor features lightly scattered furniture, gifts, and a few artistic pieces accumulated from around the world including products from Ittala, Lafco, Soolip, Libretto, Triple C Design, Modern Alchemy, and Design Abroad. For the stylish mind, that wants to know, Gilda Grace also features a library, with books from publishers including DAP and Assouline.
Welcome to Gilda Grace.